Pedestrians and Drivers: It’s a Two-Way Street

Both pedestrians and drivers have responsibilities to each other when walking or driving. While the state of NJ requires that drivers stop for pedestrians within the crosswalk, keep in mind that the pedestrian has some responsibility, too. Below is a comparison of driver and pedestrian responsibilities.

Driver Responsibilities Pedestrian Responsibilities
Watch for pedestrians when turning right on red. Pedestrians must not go into the path of a vehicle where the driver cannot possibly yield to the pedestrian.
Drivers must stop for pedestrians within the crosswalk. If a pedestrian does not cross at an appropriate crosswalk or crosses within an unmarked crosswalk, the pedestrian must yield to the vehicle.
If a driver is stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, other drivers must not pass or go around the stopped driver. Pedestrians must obey the pedestrian signals and
utilize appropriate crosswalks
Avoid distractions such as phones and alcohol. Stay sober! Walking impaired increases your risk of
being struck by a vehicle.

Reference: NJDOT website

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point and pedestrian fatality in the US remains high. In 2018, there was a 3% increase in pedestrians killed in traffic crashes which totaled 6,283 deaths. Of those deaths, 33% were a result of pedestrians walking while impaired. Understand that distractions are dangerous when driving and when walking. Distractions by both the driver and pedestrian can result in unintentional injury or death. Remember that the driver may not see you so stay alert and stay safe!

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