Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center: South Jersey’s Largest and Most Experienced Breast Cancer Team

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you need an experienced team of cancer specialists by your side throughout your journey. Starting with screening, diagnosis, and treatment, and continuing through recovery, you can count on the team at the Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper—the largest and most experienced breast cancer team in the region.

A Team Approach

Darlinda Bayard of Blackwood, NJ, credits the care she received from her breast cancer team at         MD Anderson at Cooper for her 10 years of survivorship. She says, “My life just keeps getting better. I am blessed to celebrate life every day and spend time with my family, especially my three great-grandchildren.”

Over the past 10 years, advances in surgical techniques, along with the use of powerful and precise radiation technology, have allowed doctors to more accurately eliminate breast cancer tumors while sparing normal tissue. The progress has been even more dramatic for chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Today, targeted medicines attack cancer cells while sparing normal cells, and biological therapies harness the immense power of the immune system.

Applied by a skilled multidisciplinary team, this combination of approaches—surgery, radiation, and medical treatment— has led to significant improvements in patient outcomes.

At MD Anderson at Cooper, we believe in a team approach to breast cancer care. Experts from a variety of specialties work together to develop and deliver a personalized treatment plan for each patient. This collaborative approach to breast cancer care leads to better outcomes and provides an exceptional patient experience.

Our Breast Cancer Program Includes:

  • Fellowship-trained breast surgeons who are skilled in advanced surgical techniques.
  • Medical oncologists who specialize in treating patients with the most effective chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy for their specific type of cancer.
  • Radiation oncologists who use innovative radiation treatment technologies to deliver precise, effective treatment while preserving normal, healthy tissue.
  • Breast reconstructive surgeons who work closely with breast surgeons to coordinate care.
  • Breast imaging specialists who provide accurate breast cancer screening and diagnosis.
  • Advanced practice nurses who specialize in breast surgery, medical oncology, and radiation treatment.
  • Breast cancer navigators who educate patients and their families about their diagnosis and treatment and help to coordinate care.
  • Integrative oncology and complementary medicine programs that focus on incorporating the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle—nutrition, physical activity, and emotional health—into the care plan to help patients manage side effects, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.
  • Supportive care services that include behavioral medicine, nutritional counseling, and social work services to help patients to manage life during treatment and recovery.
  • Genetic counseling and testing to help patients and their families to identify and manage risk factors that may be related to a gene mutation.

Convenient Locations

Our breast cancer experts see patients at convenient locations throughout South Jersey, including Camden, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Willingboro, and Egg Harbor Township, NJ, and in Meadowbrook, PA. They also see patients at Cooper offices in Sewell and Sicklerville.

Partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center

Cooper partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX—one of the nation’s leading cancer programs—to create MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper.

Through this partnership, patients at MD Anderson at Cooper have access to the nation’s top-ranked cancer treatment— including proven, research-based approaches to cancer care, access to advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, select clinical trials, and a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care that brings an entire team of cancer experts together on behalf of each patient.

Meet Our Breast Surgeons

Most patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer will need to undergo some type of surgery.

The breast surgeons at MD Anderson at Cooper offer a full range of innovative surgical techniques and procedures to treat patients with breast cancer and other breast conditions.

MD Anderson at Cooper recently welcomed three new breast surgeons, and two more will join us this fall. Our breast surgery team is the largest and most experienced in the region.

Our breast surgeons see patients at our locations in Camden, Voorhees, Willingboro, and Egg Harbor Township, NJ. They also see patients at Cooper offices in Sewell and Sicklerville.

Catherine E. Loveland-Jones, MD, MS Catherine E. Loveland-Jones, MD, MS Head, Division of Breast Surgery Co-Director, Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center
Kay Yoon-Flannery, DO, MPH, FACS, FACOS Kay Yoon-Flannery, DO, MPH, FACS, FACOS Co-Director, Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center
Teralyn Carter, MD Teralyn Carter, MD
Ryan A. Gruner, MD Ryan A. Gruner, MD
Adrian A. Lopez, MD Adrian A. Lopez, MD

To make an appointment with one of our breast surgeons, call 855.632.2667. For more information about our breast cancer program, visit MDAndersonCooper.org.

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