Cold, Flu, Allergies, or COVID-19?

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Wondering if that sneeze, cough, throat tickle, or body ache could be COVID-19?

It’s easy to worry at a time when colds, flu, and springtime allergies are colliding with COVID-19. Use our handy chart above to help you sort out your symptoms.

COVID-19 may also share some symtoms with sinusitis. Read about how to distinguish the two on our COVID-19 and Sinusitis page.

If you have a question about your health, start by calling your primary care provider, instead of going to urgent care or the emergency room. They will provide the best advice and let you know if you need additional care.

For an appointment or telehealth visit with a Cooper provider, call 1.800.8.COOPER.


  1. June Bilenky

    Thank you for the info! My primary is a Jefferson doc, but I was treated at MD Anderson 2018 – 2019 and had surgery at Cooper. Would I be welcomed if I called for a test for Covid-19?

    • Cooper University Health Care

      Dear Ms. Bilenky, your Jefferson primary care physician should be able to provide you with a referral for a COVID-19 test.

  2. William Fuller

    I do not have a health card provider and I am in need to have one that can check me out or to give me advice. I took the covi19 test 2 weeks ago and it was negative, but I have a lot of anxiety and stress especially at night I can hardly sleep. How can I make an appointment ASAP.

    • Cooper University Health Care

      Dear Mr. Fuller, please call our Patient Access Center at 1-800-826-6737. They can help you obtain an appointment with a Cooper provider.

  3. Very helpful– as I am dealing with years of being treated for bronchiectasis.
    Checking daily my Temp, “BP”) that has the tendency to rise at a moment’s notice -following my medicine schedule– and of course staying “in house”

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